Content & Strategy for B2B SaaS & Creators

(Aspiring Full Stack) Content Marketer & SEO Strategist for B2B SaaS Products & Creators

Imagine a potential buyer eager to make a purchase & a 24/7 salesman (your website) making them feel seen & heard before presenting an irresistible offer. That's my approach.I am a buzzword-hating content marketer who specializes in audience-first content and copy that your audience is actually interested in reading. My strategy will set your brand apart from your competitors using AI for their content needs.

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We'll work great if:

  • You have product-market fit & you know exactly who you're selling to

  • You believe in the power of content — and that it can bring in qualified leads and revenue

  • You want to publish content that brings in meaningful traffic through high-quality product education

  • You think of content as a long-term investment — not a one-off investment to fill up your website

  • You're process driven & strongly lean in on workflows (with slight flexibility on deadlines) to get the job done

We're not a great fit if:

  • You're still experimenting with your messaging and ICP

  • You think of content as a cost-center — not something that can lead to a positive ROI

  • You think of content as an afterthought, and aren't willing to experiment to generate positive results

  • You want a generalist who "churns out" content like regular content mills

  • You want an order taker and are unwilling to accept strategic input that drives results


SEO Keyword Strategy

How I Work

  • Dive into product documentation (sales calls, call notes, community insights, etc) to understand your product deeply

  • Analyze the organic strategy of your competitors and compare it with your website's current strategy

  • Explore Google for funnel-aligned keyword directions

  • Produce a specialized and brand-differentiated SEO strategy including but not limited to blogs, product pages, mixed-intent pages, resources, and tools.

How Most SEO Strategists Work

  • Use an "easy" strategy: Find the "lowest-hanging fruit" keywords

  • Make your teams write on topics just because your competitors wrote about them

  • Produce a generic "spray and pray" organic strategy with ZERO brand differentiation that only contains blogs

  • Take no ownership of organic reach for SEO or lead generation

B2B Copywriting Services

If copywriting is the meal, your copywriter is the word chef. They need more than just the pain points of your customers. They need to capture a complete understanding of what potential customers want and don’t want in a solution. They also need to address fears and anxieties.I conduct my own VoC (voice of customer) research among your client reviews and those of your competitors to find out all the little factors that skew your buyers' choice heavily toward your brand.My B2B landing pages include:

  • Emotionally compelling headline-subheadline combo to instantly engage your leads

  • Relatable copy so your leads feel like they are having a conversation

  • Jargon-free compelling copy that makes them stop the scroll & take notice

  • Visuals - coz we all know walls of text are borrring!

  • Outcome-focused CTA to convert more of your leads

  • Two review rounds after the main draft - coz you know your customers the best!

SEO Content Writing

To differentiate from your competitors producing lifeless & ineffective AI content, you need someone to look at your product literature to dig out its features & benefits and map them to deeply-researched customer pain points. And add expert insights to make it uniquely yours!🚴 Here's a bit of my SEO content writing history:From March 2018 to Oct 2022, I built my marketing & writing foundations with my 1st SaaS blog client (Engagebay). I enjoyed writing ToFu resource guides the most; they allowed my inner teacher to shine through. I also wrote plenty of blogs, some landing pages, & a comparison page.Instead of just trading my hours for money, I taught myself on-page SEO, tried new techniques in my blogs, & landed my first P1 ranking on SERP with EngageBay (outranking HubSpot!).I also wrote blogs for two Sales tech SaaS clients & blogs for an async podcasting SaaS.

Navin helped me comb through a ton of the older episodes of my show to pick out the best moments. Not only was his eye for "quality" on point, but he did everything in a timely and efficient manner. He's also periodically offered suggestions on how I can make improvements to my show, and they have been very helpful in considering the direction moving forward. 10/10 would recommend.

-Tommy Walker
Founder, The Content Studio

Navin Israni Portfolio

SEO Strategy Case Study

In Oct 2022, I embraced the FT role of SEO Strategist for B2B SaaS at an agency.In this role, I helped EngageRocket (an AI-based performance management and feedback management SaaS) gain:

  • 2X organic SEO leads,

  • 466%+ jump in targeted ICP traffic from US,

  • 1.6M+ organic SEO views / 37.5K+ traffic / CTR of 2.2% (Dec 2022 - Jan 2024).

We got a 5* Clutch review & they renewed our contract.

B2B Landing Pages Portfolio

SEO Content Portfolio

Editing & Repurposing Portfolio

I have been working with Navin over the past year and I have met very few others who can pick up the game, as fast and as well as he can and has done. His dedication to the work, the quality of his research and the depth of his writing is always a pleasure for the entire EngageBay team. His core English skills are top of the line and I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

-R.M. Singh Roy
Head of Marketing, EngageBay

Work With Me

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes! Two rounds of major edits are always included in the price. You can ask for more, too, but that would include a rate of $25/hour.

You will get a response in 2 business days (+/- 1 business day) with 2-3 short questions for me to get an accurate overview of your requirement. The email will also contain a call booking link.

I request you to be transparent and provide as many details as you can (while answering the questions and on call). It will allow me to help you in the best way possible.

Once we start, we will set up a mutually suitable timeline based on the nature and scope of work. It will include your approval workflow time. During the project, you can expect me to follow previously agreed deadlines (generally). Any changes in the delivery and approval timeline will be firmly communicated in advance.

I am available on Slack, email, and my (business) WhatsApp number. Please give me 24 business hours to respond to your messages.

If we find each other in the same city, we can catch up for lunch or a casual business chat in person. For international clients, I can find overlapping hours for essential meetings during the day. I use this space to make certain requests that are necessary for me, as a high-functioning Autistic creative, to function in harmony with my clients.

I tend to not like forced eye contact and pointless small talk; I encourage clear, transparent, and frank but respectful two-way communication with my clients.

On work calls, I request that we turn off our cameras and use a smiling natural photo as our display pictures, so we don't have to worry about looks and are comfortable doing our best, deep work together. Cameras can be turned on when the work talk is over.

I love to keep my workload balanced. I'm still open to blogs - particularly in HR tech, productivity, mental health, and project and program management.

Besides long-form blogs, I am deeply interested in creating social and SEO content strategy, short and snappy newsletters, emails, or landing pages. I know while I've very few samples in these areas, that also means there's plenty of growth in this area for me to chase.

if it's something, I haven't written before - I'd love to do it!

I also absolutely LOVE to write beginner deep dives, how-to guides, resources, and glossary pages - gives me a great top-down approach, an outsider look while also learning something new - brings out the inner teacher in me.

Another passion of mine is doing podcast titles and repurposing as it gives me the unique opportunity to get paid for listening to experts - these first-hand insights are also the easiest way to inform and mature your content strategy.

I can refer to product literature docs like internal sales call recordings, product marketing docs, product demos, or ICP research docs you have created. Anything that helps me understand and get close to your customers. If more clarity is required, I will follow up with additional questions.

In the absence of necessary information, I will send a document for you to fill to help me map your product features to your audience's pain points.

I take 7-10 business days for the first couple of long-form blogs, and it gets lower to 2 - 5 business days once I get more comfortable with the team, the product, and the audience.

Case studies usually take anywhere between 1-2 working weeks depending on the product literature I get from the clients and how long their internal approvals take.

I think content needs to be SME-driven for the piece to make a difference and for the brand to not get lost in the noise.

I strongly prefer access to and availability of your internal experts to reflect the expertise you bring to the table. If required, Alternatively, I can source SME quotes and conduct interviews for a small extra fee.

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